Welcome to Pixelated Platypus

We are a development studio for online educational applications and games for children and up. Our goal is to provide first class tools for people to use with a low learning curve that will help maximize the use of the web in a friendly and educational way.


June 1st, 2012 - Pixelated Platypus is founded to provide online applications and games that are easy to use and children friendly.


We are working on several concepts at the moment. Please sign up for information on our contact page to stay up to date.


We will be announcing our first game soon with a launch date for this fall.


We were founded by our family after finding a lack of usable and appropriate games for our children.

The founders are:

Kevin MacPherson: an avid technophile with over 20 years experience in consumer software expecially in the open source arena. Trying to find software for his children online that did not involve violence and would promote educational and good life values and finding a distinct lack of them.

Tessa MacPherson: Kevin's oldest daughter. She is interested innatural sciences and application with computers. Her pastimes include reading a lot and playing Zoo Tycoon 2. She is primary idea person and tester.

Rowan MacPherson: Kevin's youngest daughter. She is interested in dinosaurs, sharks and spiders. She is our secondary idea person and play tester. Do not be surprised if sharks and dinosaurs make it into a lot of the games,

Amy MacPherson: Mom, wife and realist. She keeps all our enthusiam is check and development focused. She is the primary influence in our interest in natural sciences and fact checker for our games.


Kevin MacPherson

Pixelated Platypus

P.O. Box 53

Metcalfe, Ontario

K0A 2P0

Phone: (613) 821-5477

E-mail: info@pixelatedplatypus.com